How to Structure Your Discovery Calls to Convert

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Feel like you’re just not a sales person, but know you need to sell in your business?  

Tired of avoiding Discovery Calls because you just don’t know what to say?  

Afraid of the actual sales conversation, especially when it’s time to close the deal? 

Check out my guide – How To Structure Your Discovery Calls To Convert, and get access to the EXACT 8 steps to follow on a Discovery Call to convert your potential clients with ease and in a way that feels empowering to both parties.  


  • The #1 thing every potential client wants on a Discovery Call. 
  • How to show up as the confident leader of your Discovery Calls.
  • The biggest mistake I see biz owners making on these calls, and how to avoid this.  
  •  Exactly what to say to “close the deal.”

As a psychotherapist, coach, and owner of two successful businesses, I’ve literally had hundreds of sales conversations and know what works to convert and to convert in a way that feels empowering for both parties.  

Sales can actually feel good, do good, and be good for your business, so let’s get started on that right away, yes?  

How to Structure Your Discovery Calls to Convert

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